HIGH Performance building Products


High Performance

Everlast products have the proven reliability of free-foam cellular PVC. Everlast boast oustanding workability while also offering superior resistance to rot, splitting and insects

Perennial Beauty

The smooth finish along with durability backed by a 25 year warranty makes Everalst a perennial beauty

Easy Mainentance

Everlast products not only environmentally friendly but are resistant to the elements and are resistant to fading and stains

25 Year Warranty

Everlast is backed by a 25 year warranty. Quality is assured

About Everlast

High performance building products
It is time to wrap the entire home in perfection

The possibilities you’ll find with Everlast begin where form beautifully meets function. Take Everlast. As design appetites grow, Everlast has grown with them, offering innovative luxury where homeowners least expect, from elaborate window and door finishes to graceful pillars and porch ceilings, all with our trademark high-performance, low-maintenance finish.

We’ve even extended this technology to products like pergolas, linings and mouldings.

Of course these won’t rot, splinter or split; they’re Everlast. Our legacy–and your competitive edge–helps you create homes that look freshly and stylishly built for decades to come.

  • Minimal maintenance

    Extruded (not machined) using the finest, exterior grade Cellular PVC material

  • Long lasting beauty

    Compliments any building design

  • Highly weatherable

    Highly weatherable material is not affected by rain, salt or insects

  • UV Resistant

    Cellular mouldings are UV-resistant, moisture, mold and mildew.

Everlast Products

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